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Effective Tenant Screening Service Sofia

Both tenants and landlords have contractual responsibility to each other.  Unnecessary problems can be prevented by having an understanding of those responsibilities prior to signing a lease agreement.  We provide a tenant screening service Sofia on your potential tenants according to standards that directly benefit owners and tenants. 

Matching a qualified tenant to a property that serves their needs is a step in the right direction.  Good tenants want to live in harmonious surroundings that afford them a good lifestyle. 

Effective screening minimizes the risk of renting to tenants that are not an asset to the community where they live; i.e. noisy, unruly, compromising the safety of other tenants, criminal activity, etc.  It is much more profitable when landlords have responsible tenants that contribute positively to the local environment.

There are several things we look at closely when screening potential tenants: 

Credit Checking for Tenants in Sofia

We always look at the applicant’s credit report to check out the number of credit lines they have open and how often they have made late payments. 

Collection accounts, liens and bankruptcies are all important red flags.  We carefully evaluate tenants with short sales and foreclosures on their record, particular in these harsher economic times. 

Taken by itself, it doesn’t mean they will be bad tenants; it can simply mean they have derogatory information on their credit report which may prove to be an exception, rather than the rule.  That is where other factors are taken into serious consideration.

Tenant Rental History

Looking at the rental history is important because a tenant’s past behavior is indicative of how they will behave when they live in your property. 

We call current and prior landlords to verify the length of tenancy and the amount of rent they paid. 

Prior evictions are an immediate disqualifier. 

We want to make sure the tenant was not struggling to afford a low rent and then want to move into your property, which might require a much higher amount of rent.  We want to make sure they can afford what you charge. .

Tenant Employment

To verify employment, we ask applicants for income verification, and we call the current employer to verify start date and salary. 

We want to make sure that the information on the application is accurate.  We consider tax returns, pay stubs and employment verification as screening tools and adhere to current privacy laws in the protection of their information, and yours. 

Tenant Screening Service Sofia

A good tenant screening service Sofia requires good investigation. 

We look as carefully as possible, because we as managers are affected as much as an owner by a non-qualified tenant.