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Routine Property Manangement Inspections Sofia

At Luxury Property we believe that maintaining the integrity of your property investment goes hand-in-hand with providing secure housing for our tenants.So we provide regular rental property inspections Sofia.

Typically, a routine inspection is performed every 3 months. Tenants are always  given adequate notice before an inspection occurs.  Whether or not the tenant chooses to be present while the inspection is performed, the property manager will never enter the property without the express permission of the tenant. 

The property manager will identify any problems that may require maintenance or repair and will also take note of any new damage to the property or any violations of the rental agreement. 

What Rental Property Inspections Sofia Involve

Our rental property inspections Sofia include:

Flooring:  Check for areas where the floor is stained, warped or otherwise damaged.

Walls:  Check for markings or other damage to the paint and check for water damage and stains. Note any cracks or buckling of the walls.

Doors:  Note any markings or other damage, both superficial and structural.  Check screen doors for tears or other damage. Ensure that all hinges are properly attached and swing freely.  Check that all locks are functioning properly.

Windows:  Check windows for cracks or other damage. Check the window frames and sills for paint erosion or other damage.  Check screens for tears.  Check that all locks are functioning properly.

Cupboards and Storage Spaces:  Check that all shelving is properly installed and secure. Check that doors are securely fastened and operable.

Light Fixtures:  Ensure that all light fixtures are functional and free of damage. Check that all light switches are covered and that plates are free of cracks and securely fastened. Note any electrical problems or broken fixtures.

Ceilings:  Take note of any leaks or evidence of water damage. Where applicable, check that all ceiling fans are properly functioning and secure.

Smoke Alarms:  Ensure that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are properly functioning and free of debris.

Appliances:  Ensure that all appliances are functioning properly.

Bathrooms:  Check that all toilets are functioning properly and are free of cracks and other damage. Take note of any leaking faucets or other problems.  Check glass doors for cracks and check tracks for rust or other damage.

Air Conditioners and Heating Systems:  Ensure that all air conditioning filters are regularly changed and vents are clean and free of debris and obstructions.  This allows the systems to function at highest capacity and also prevents damage or system failure. 

• Check that unit numbers or street numbers are clearly posted and easily visible from the road.
• Check the paint and siding of the property and note any damage or erosion that may exist.
• Make sure that all steps, pathways, and deck spaces are structurally sound and free of obstructions.
• If applicable, check that any handrails or guardrails on your rental property are structurally sound and safe for use.
• Make sure that garbage receptacles are properly stored and that the surrounding area is free of trash.
• Make sure grass is mowed and plants are trimmed and maintained.
• If a pet is allowed according to contract, make sure that the yard is free of excrement. 

Beyond checking your rental property’s structural integrity and overall condition, the property manager will also be noting any perceived violations of the rental agreement. As a general rule, the following guidelines should give you an idea of what kinds of violations may be evident. 

Tenants are not allowed to paint any areas of a rental property.  Repainting a unit can very costly and, for this reason, Brunson & Company always collaborates with our owners regarding when and what areas of their properties to paint, including selection of paint color.  We only contract with professionals to perform this service.

Fixtures and Wall Hangings:
We encourage our tenants to notify us if they wish to hang anything in the home. Certain fixtures and fittings can be difficult to remove and, depending on the type of materials being used and the structure or condition of the walls, these could cause lasting damage.

While we cannot expressly forbid smoking in one’s own home, smoking inside can cause severe damage to the property and can even affect the installation of new flooring and repainting of walls, both of which are costly procedures.  We do  advise tenants of the possibility of any smoke damage being deducted from their deposit.

If a rental agreement allows for pets and the necessary pet fees have been paid, it is perfectly fine to keep a pet in the home.  It is the policy of Brunson & Company to collect a non-refundable pet fee simply for the privilege of keeping a pet.  Any damage caused by a pet during the course of a tenancy is the complete responsibility of the tenant and costs for repairs are immediately due and payable by the tenant. 

Routine inspections allow rental management companies to address problems quickly, preventing further damage and ensuring that repairs are completed in a timely and efficient manner. We at Brunson & Company work together with our owners and tenants to maintain sound investments and happy homes