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New Build Real Estate Discounts Sofia Bulgaria

Real Estate Discounts Sofia Bulgaria

The Covid-18 Coronavirus crisis has caused a slowdown in the sales of new build properties in Sofia. Luxury Property is in contact with the major residential construction developers in Sofia and can negotiate significant discounts on your behalf.

The builder will probably be paying the real estate agent in Sofia to sell their new build property in Sofia.

Finding a real estate agent who provides a personalised experience in negotiating with builders is going to be one of the most important things you do in the home buying process.

Builders in Sofia are reluctant to drop their prices because they need to maintain a certain value for the neighbourhood, and future buyers. However, this does not mean that they will not reduce the price because they often will.

A way of getting a discount on your new home in Sofia is to negotiate upgrades as the builders will maintain the value of the neighbourhood while giving the customer a deal in a fashion that will not upset their neighbours who have just purchased a property in Sofia.

At Luxury Property, we know the builders in Sofia and are aware of the discounts that they are offering.

Low Price Real Estate For Sale In Sofia

Even before the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, increased supply of new build homes in Sofia led to a freezing of the property prices and even a decrease in some cases.

More than half of the deals for new build homes in Sofia are made after a price compromise from the owner of the property to complete the transaction.

The properties that are selling best have high quality construction works and the additional features such as energy efficiency, indoor recreational facilities, and more green space

Cheap Properties In Sofia

With a possible recession in Europe and drop in property transactions in Sofia, buyers are sensing an opportunity and are pushing for discounts in Sofia which has not been seen for several years.

Many purchases have been on hold since April, and some purchasers are wondering if they should be renegotiating a reduction in the selling price of a new home in Sofia.

There is a confusion in property values in Sofia but trying to calculate how much house prices have fallen since the outbreak of the coronavirus is difficult because the number of real estate transactions have slowed down.

However, it is unlikely that the market will be as badly affected as it was following the financial crisis of 2008, when repossessions and distressed sales became widespread across Bulgaria. As the last house price bubble burst was about excess credit and excess building.

Although buyers are asking for discounts, there is little evidence of builders in Sofia selling in distress, despite some buyers sensing an opportunity, but the market for smaller apartments will be more affected because they rely on international buyers and no-one is traveling much at the moment.

Real Estate Discounts Sofia Bulgaria

Luxury Proprty knows where the best Real Estate Discounts Sofia Bulgaria exist.

Contact us for some insight into the Sofia new build market.