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Make the Best Property Investment in Sofia

Whether you’re entering the Sofia property market for the first time or looking to buy your second or third home, Luxury Property will guide you through your Property Investment in Sofia smoothly and effortlessly from start to finish. Explore luxury homes for sale in Sofia, and discover the ideal property to suit your lifestyle.

We only concentrate on luxury apartments, houses and penthouses, so that we do not get cluttered with viewings. We focus on properties for sale in the upscale areas of Sofia such as Bistritsa, Boyana, Dragalevtsi, Izgrev, Iztok, Lozenets, Simeonovo and Vitosha https://luxuryproperty.bg/en/so you know that you be purchasing a home in Sofia in a desirable location.

Our Sofia Real Estate consultants want to get to know your current and anticipated needs.  You could be a first-time buyer, maybe you need more space or you are looking for a good investment. Whatever your requirements, we will help you find and acquire your ideal property as quickly as possible with minimum stress on your part.

With more than 15 year of experience, our agents are friendly and professional and are experts in the Sofia real estate.

Our real estate agency in Sofia is backed up by teams of professional services who are able to advise on a full range of services including Valuations, Mortgages, Legal Advice, Property Investment, Planning Applications and Insurance.

Our consultants speak the following languages: Bulgarian, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish

Searching for a Property in Sofia

To help you find the perfect property, we need a clear idea of what you’re looking for. These include:

  • Preferred district in Sofia
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Type of property
  • Price range


Your search area may be dictated by your children’s schools, by your place of work ,or address of your parents. Whatever your circumstances, if you do not know Sofia, we will help advice you on the best location for your new home.

It is alright to register your search requirements on property portals, but it is always best to register directly with real estate agent in Sofia. Our agents will get to understand your requirements and match you to the right kind of property, and keep you in mind when new properties come onto the market.

Virtual Property Viewings in Sofia

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, things are practically back to business as usual in Bulgaria, but during the Coronavirus crisis it became even more apparent of the importance of virtual property viewings in Sofia.

Using our technology, we are able to virtually show you the property in Sofia and walk you through it from the comfort of your home. We will arrange a time for the viewing and will be able to answer any questions you might have about the property during the viewing.

If you are still interested in the property, and would like to view it in person then we are able to arrange that as a next step.

Property Investment in Sofia

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing your first buy-to-let property, or already have a large portfolio which you wish to expand, we’re on hand to help at every stage. We can advise you from the start with information on investment mortgages.

We pride ourselves on giving you just what you need, and can assist you and your business in the day to day letting of your properties. Our experts can help with:

  • • Advice on suitable properties for investment
  • List Item• Up and coming areas to invest in property
  • • Tailored property management services
  • • New homes/off plan and second-hand homes
  • Land Investment opportunities
  • Access to financing

Property Purchasing Surveys in Sofia

We always recommend a full survey before you commit yourself to any type of property investment in Sofia.

Property surveys can help avoid unexpected and expensive surprises and offer peace of mind about the potential flaws of a property. A survey can be very reassuring, especially for those taking their first steps onto the property ladder in Bulgaria.

The findings from a survey will influence your decision to buy or give you room to negotiate on price. A property might simply have too much work that needs doing, but negotiating the price down according to the costs quoted in the survey can mean the property may still be a viable option.

Mortgage providers will also do a survey, but this is not for the borrower, who will be advised to carry out their own survey. We can recommend trusted property surveyors in Sofia to help you with your investment, who will write their surveys in plain English (if required), so that it does not include and technical surveyor terms that you do not understand.

Obtaining a Mortgage in Sofia

If you need a mortgage, we can arrange for you to speak to one of our mortgage advisers or directly with a respected bank We do not charge for our advice. Instead, we simply charge a fee for processing your mortgage application. The acutual fee will depend on your circumstances.

Instructing a Lawyer in Sofia

It is important that you instruct a lawyer as early in the property purchasing process as possible. We have a selection of excellent English-speaking property lawyers in Sofia who will help you with the closing of your property purchase in Sofia

Property Offer Accepted

Once an offer for the property has been accepted, we will contact your lawyer, the seller and the seller's lawyer and confirm the details of the sale. Offers are not legally binding until contracts have been exchanged. From now until exchange, you will need to be in close communication with your lawyer.

Be Ready to Move Quickly

Even in more difficult markets, some properties will attract a high number of buyers, due to their location, character or potential. Make sure that your bid comes from a position of strength by being ready to move. Cash buters are always in the best position as there is no chain