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Luxury Property For Sale and Rent in Vitosha, Sofia

Vitosha District is located towards the south of Sofia, between Lozenets District and Sofia Ring Road. Further south of the ring road,  you will start getting into the foothills of Vitosha Mountain and  into the more rural areas of Sofia such as Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo. At this moment there is a lot of construction of property for sale Vitosha District.

The weather is a little cooler and fresher than central Sofia, but the winters are not so harsh as you will find in Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo – this is one of the reasons that Vitosha district is becoming one of the best places to invest in real estate in Sofia.

Transport Communications in Vitosha District

Vitosha Metro Station Sofia

One of the major advantages of buying a property in Vitosha District are the excellent transport communications between Sofia city centre, the ring road and other areas of Sofia.

The main road in Vitosha District is Cerni Vrah Blvd. Cerni Vrah Blvd. runs through the centre of Vitosha District and connects Sofia city centre and Dragalevtsi Distict (which is to the south of the ring road).

A major reason for the spectacular growth in the real estate market in Vitosha District was the opening of the Vitosha Metro station. Vitosha Metro was opened as an extension to line 2 of the Sofia Metro. There are only 4 stops (including Vitosha) between the main Metro station in the centre of Sofia called Serdica. (As a point of interest, Serdica was the original name of Sofia). At Serdica Metro station you can quickly connect to other main districts of Sofia such as Mladost and Lulin, without getting caught up in the heavy traffic in Sofia city centre, or taking the long way around on the Sofia Ring Road.

The bus connections are also excellent in Vitosha Distict, and will enable you to connect with many of the areas not yet covered by the Sofia Metro. One of these areas is Dragalevtsi, where many commuters take the bus from Dragalevtsi and change at the Vitosha Metro station to get super-fast access to their offices in the centre of Sofia.

There is also a tram service from the northern part of Vitosha District which runs down Cerni Vrah Blvd into the centre of Sofia, for a convenient connection to the shops and restaurants on Vitoshka (the original high street in Sofia).

Shopping in Vitosha Distict Sofia

Talking of shopping, there is, arguably, the most up-market mall in Sofia located right in the centre of Vitosha District. Paradise Centre has an excellent selection of shops, supermarkets, restaurants as well as a cinema complex and an exclusive fitness club with New York City prices!

There are also many stores located on Cerni Vrah Blvd which sell doors, tiles, wooden floors, bathrooms and kitchens, which are required to supply the amazing amount of new construction that is taking place in Vitosha District.

A little further up the hill, heading south, towards Vitosha Mountain, you will find a Burger Truck with the best burgers in the whole world! Vivenda combines a truck style restaurant with a delicatessen that sell the best quality meat in the whole of Sofia, although the cost is higher than other butchers in Sofia.

Paradise Centre Vitosha Sofia

Schools in Vitosha District Sofia

Here you will find a link describing the schools in Vitosha District

Property for Sale Vitosha District. Sofia

The main office of Luxury Property is located in the centre of Vitosha District. If you are looking property for sale Vitosha District, or looking at renting an apartment in Vitosha District, why not give us a call or fill in this form to have an unbiased chat about your options on living in Vitosha District.