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If You Want Luxury Near Sofia Centre - Lozenets Is the Place To Be

Lozenets is definitely one of the best districts to live in Sofia. Lozenets is known as a high-end, very desirable residential district with number of modern luxury residential developments interspersed with traditional Bulgarian homes.

To the south, the district heads to the slopes of Vitosha Mountain via Cerni Vrah Blvd, and to the west to one of the biggest and nicest Sofia parks – South Park.

The whole of Lozenets is packed with top quality shops, bars and restaurants, so you will never be short of entertainment.

In the past quarter was named “Korubaglar” (which means “vineyards in the woods”) because the quarter was at end of the town. Nowadays Lozenetz is amongst the most in demand and preferred districts and is still undergoing a lot of development of Sofia.

Lozenets can be split into two parts – Lower and Upper Lozenets. This can be slightly confusing as Lower Lozenets is to the north. You can easily reach the centre of Sofia by foot in 30 minutes while you will need to use the excellent public transport service or very cheap taxis to go to the centre from Upper Lozenets.

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Lower Lozenets is directly bordering the center of Sofia. It mainly features smaller 3-4 story blocks, manor houses and detached houses. The district is separated from the centre by Evlogi Georgiev and Arsenalski Blvds.

In Lower Lozenets you will find the City Center Sofia mall, European Union Metro Station and James Bourchier Metro Station

This area has somewhat worse infrastructure, than Upper Lozenets with many locations deprived of central heating from the Municipal- owned central water heating operator.

The area is undergoing regeneration with areas experiencing intensive new construction. There are tree-lined streets, and many public parks in Lozenetz and the surrounding areas.

Upper Lozenets is a luxurious district, located on a hill raising high above the rest of the central areas of the city and bordering the South Park. In Upper Lozenets you will find  the American Embassy, Hotel Marinela and the Government Hospital.

Upper Lozenets also has a direct view of Vitosha mountain.

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Culture, Education and Health Services in Lozenets

There are many cultural and educational institutes including 13 schools and three reference libraries (Bulgarian: chitalishte).

It is located on a Healthcare infrastructure includes the largest hospital in Central and Eastern Europe “Tokuda” with a personnel of more than 1,100 medics and three clinics.

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