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Buy a Property in one of the most Exclusive Parts of Sofia

Dragalevtsi is definitely one of the best districts to live in Sofia, and property for Sale dragalevtsi definitely comes with a premium price compared to the rest of Bulgaria, but compared to the cost of property in the rest of the European Union, it is an absolute bargain.

Dragalevtsi is part of Vitosha municipality and situated in the southwestern part of the city, in the foothills of Vitosha mountain.

The village of Dragalevtsi was added to the Sofia municipality during the 20th century, and Dragalevtsi is now an affluent district built up with luxury properties, as well as the old-style village houses that have not yet been re-developed into luxury modern properies in Dragalevtsi.

Dragalevtsi village is located on the right bank of the Dragalevska River with a stated altitude of 750 meters. However, the altitude of Dragalevtsi varies a lot, as Dragalevtsi now stretches all the way from the Sofia Ring Road to the traditional village square centre of Dragalevtsi.

Location of Dragalevtsi Sofia

Dragalevtsi is located 7km from Sofia city center on the slopes of Vitosha Mountain.

Dragalevtsi has spectacular panoramic views and the excellent transport system make Dragalevtsi an extremely attractive for location to live in.  Indeed, Dragalevtsi is the preferred area in Sofia for many business men (and women), and people of high social status.

Dragalevtsi is the most developed of the 4 upmarket villages, (Bistritsa , Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo) that are south of the Sofia Ring Road. The four villages are connected by a mountain road, which provides for spectacular views of Vitosha Mountain and the whole of Sofia. The road runs from Boyana in the west to Lake Pancherevo to the east of Sofia.

The facilities in Dragalevtsi make this a prestigious and expensive neighborhood in Sofia, and is the perfect place to make successful real estate investments in Sofia, as this area is does not have much more room for expansion.

Transport to Dragalevtsi Sofia

The main transport connection from Dragalevtsi to the city center is Cherni Vrah Blvd. Dragalevtsi is located to the south of the junction between Cherni Vrah Blvd and the Sofia Ring Road. Using the Sofia Ring Road, you can quickly travel to Boyana and Bulgaria Boulevard to the west of the city, and to Sofia Airport and Mladost Business Park to the west of Sofia city centre.

Cherni Vrah Blvd runs from the Sofia Ring Road junction all the way to the centre of Sofia and ends up near to NDK (the national palace of culture). Parking is difficult in Sofia city centre, so many people decide to use public transport to access Sofia city centre for business or pleasure.

On the way to the centre, Cherni Vrah Blvd passes through the presitiguos neighbourhoods of Vitosha and Lozenets, which house many of the best shops and restaurants in Sofia. (More on shopping below).

Dragalevtsi Bus Connections

The main buses running through Dragalevtsi are

  • 64 Zoo – Dragalevtsi
  • 66 Dragalevtsi Zoo – Moreeni Hotel.
  • 93 Dragalevtsi Zoo – Dragalevtsi Lift
  • 98 Zoo – Dragalevtsi Cemetery – Simeonovo Quarter – Bistritsa Village – Zheleznitsa Village

You can find full details of the bus routes here

However, when travelling into Sofia city centre, many residents opt to get off the bus at Vitosha Metro station and take the Metro to the main Metro station named Serdica (the original name for Sofia). There are also Metro stops on James Boulcher, European Union (Arsenalski/Hemus Hotel) and NDK.

You can reach Dragalevtsi monastery by car in about 20-30 minutes from the Sofia downtown following a well-maintained, asphalt road from the centre of Dragalevtsi.

Shopping in Dragalevtsi Sofia

The two largest shops in Dragalevtsi are Fantastico (the best supermarket in Sofia) and LIDL. Both are located are on the junction of Sofia Ring.

Travelling up the hill towards the famours Dragalevtsi roundabaout, you will find a selection of retail establishments which include:

  • Stores that will help you to finish your home
  • Specialist stores like butchers, greengrocers and florists
  • Cafes and restaurants

Property For Sale Dragalevtsi

There is a lot of Property for sale Dragalevtsi, but if you like the outdoor life with fantastic views of Vitosha mountain, then Mountain Hills might be for you.

Each of the Mountain Hills apartments and maisonets, either have large balconies, rooftop or gardens for you to enjoy the outside life in Dragalevtsi.