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Live in Bistritsa - The Most Fashionable Place in Sofia

Bistritsa is the least well-known of the 4 villages, (Bistritsa , Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo) which lay at the foothills of the magnificent Vitosha Mountain to the south of Sofia. Property For Sale Bistritsa is fast becoming the most sought after in Sofia

Bistritsa is a large village in the Sofia municipality, located in a small valley just 15 km to the south of the capital Sofia.

Crystal-clear streams (the name Bistritsa origin from Bulgarian “бистър” that means “clear, lucid, limpid”) flow through its teritory, and there are mineral hot-springs close to the village.

Travel to Bistritsa

The quickest way to travel  to Bistritsa is to use the Ring Road from the Darvenitsa junction to travel up the mountain.

If you wish to travel into the centre of Sofia by public transport, the best way is to take the bus to Mladost Business Park, where you can take the Sofia Metro all the way into the centre of Sofia.

You can also change trains on the Sofia Metro to quickly get to Sofia Airport.

Also, all four villages are connected by a mountain road, which provides for spectacular views of Vitosha Mountain and the whole of Sofia. The road runs from Boyana in the west to Lake Pancherevo (more on the lake below) to the east of Sofia.

History of Bistritsa

Bistritsa is among the oldest villages in the areas around Vitosha. Its name was marked in maps of the Second Bulgarian Empire as a fortress. There is a Medieval monastery which was destroyed by the Ottoman army in 1393–1396. Between 1936 and 1946 the church of the monastery was rebuilt. During these works a Medieval grave has been excavated. It had been robbed and the only discovery was a copper coin from Emperor Ivan Shishman (1371-1395).

There is also a chitalishte “St Tsar Boris” from 1909.

Bistritsa is home to the famous “Bistritsa Grannies” a folklore ensemble consisting of elderly women, their daughters and granddaughters, who have been classified as “living treasures” by UNESCO.

Between 1936 and 1946 the church of the monastery was rebuilt.

Shopping in Bistritsa

Shopping in Bistritsa is quite limited, it has a village square with a few shops selling basic commodities but for larger shops and bigger items then you will have to travel down the mountain, where you will wind all sorts of the shops on the Sofia Ring road.

The large shopping options near Bistritsa include the complex in the Mladost Business Park which features a large TecnoMarket and a nice cinema, and the large Sofia Ring Mall which has a multitude of nice shops, a cinema and a trampoline park to keep the children occupied.

Lake Pancharevo Sofia

Lake Pancharevo is an artificial lake in western Bulgaria, at the end of the Pancharevo Gorge of the Iskar River, located at 600 m above sea level, between the Vitosha and Lozenska mountains. The lake is located just 13  km away fro Bistritsa, on the way to Borovets resort in Pancharevo quarter, in the suburbs of the capital city.

The lake s 3 km long and up to 700 metres wide, reaching a depth of 30 meters. The lake was created in 1956 in connection with the construction of Hydrohub “Iskar”, as a drinking, irrigation and energy source for the Sofia area.

At Lake Pancharevo you can walk and enjoy the beautiful nature, away from the city noise. You can submerge yourself in the beautiful nature, to get physical and emotional benefits.

Around the lake there are hiking trails, and several park areas with coffee shops and restaurants which have a  relaxing atmosphere and traditional Bulgarian dishes such as grilled meat, homemade potatoes, fresh salads, fried fish and local beer.

You can sit on the bridge above the lake and watch the fishermen catching pike or perch. Or, if you are a keen fisherman, and you have fishing permission, you can catch your own dinner.

As well as fishing, can enjoy sun-bathing, swimming, surfing, water skiing, and rowing, in strictly limited areas at Lake Pancharevo.

The national rowing base is located on the shore of Lake Pancharevo. Built in 1968, the rowing base is the first modern facility in Bulgaria, specializing in conducting training and competitions in rowing events. In 1977 Lake Pancharevo hosted the canoeing World Cup and in 1981, the youth water sports World, and the European Triathlon Championships.

Property For Sale Bistritsa

Luxury Estate have exclusive rights to sell a quality apartment complex designed with a difference in Nature Valley, Sofia on Bistrishko Shosse, Malinova Dolina.

Nature Valley is located on Bistrishko Shosse, midway between the Darvenitsa Sofia Ring junction and Bistritsa village.

Property For Sale Bistritsa consists of three buildings each one with 9 apartments with its own landscaped yard, located near public transport, close to the Ring Road and the shopping center Sofia Ring Mall, neat to the Sofia Business Park and Vitosha Nature Park, as well as quick access to the central part of Sofia.

There are variety of apartments: one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom, priced from 1300 euros / sq.m.

The properties are located in a quiet inner location with low construction of 3 floors throughout the neighborhood, with direct access to the main street Bistrishko Shosse.