Modern Complex with very convenient location, good infrastructure and fast connection with the center of Sofia; Variety of 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed apartment for sale Simeonovo Sofia.

Very near to the Sofia Ring Road and the Ring Mall. The silence and the fresh air, provided by the proximity of Vitosha Park.

The complex is located on a total area of ​​9234.35 sq.m with a built-up area of ​​6674.22 sq.m, and consists of:

  • four buildings with 51 apartments in total
  • 73 underground parking spaces

Apart from the high quality of the materials and the wonderful view, for your comfort the investors also relies on the green areas around each building.

Stone cladding of the external walls, granite in the common areas, heating of the apartments through a geothermal heat pump system providing underfloor heating, rich landscaping of the space around the buildings. All this guarantees a high standard, comfort and tranquility of the residents of the complex.

And as an additional convenience, the construction of a gym designed on 2 levels with an area of ​​258.54 sq.m. on the first level and 134.21 sq.m. at the second level.

Your security will be guaranteed with a video surveillance and access control system through live security.

The design of the space provides comfort, a peaceful life, without compromising on style and luxury.


Smart video surveillance with recording and uploading to a cloud as you will have access to a WEB based platform for constant viewing, recording return, alarms for violators, connection to the security system.

Smart access and barriers – lifting or opening doors by recognizing the registration number of the car, separating the entrance for residents, suppliers and maintenance. Easily change the list via the WEB platform. Chip cards for doors, elevators, etc.

Heating and Cooling System

Intelligent Energy Efficiency Solution – Geothermal Horizontal Loop

Geothermal heat pump systems – provide heating, cooling and hot water with exceptional profitability and high efficiency.

The geothermal water Loop system uses a closed system of pipes laid in the ground and a water-water individual heat pump that exchanges heat between your home and the ground. The geothermal water Loop system offers zone-controlled heating and cooling, with each heat pump connected to a common water Loop, whose water circulates through the buildings. Heat pumps remove or add heat from the water loop (when heated, they extract heat from the circuit, and when cooled, they add heat to the circuit).

Advantages of the geothermal horizontal loop system:

  • Maximum Energy Saving
  • Environmentally friendly energy
  • High efficiency (COP 5-6 efficiency up to 600%)
  • Low power consumption
  • Low operating costs and long installation life
  • Year-round individual zone control
  • Accurate and transparent measurement of the heat used
  • Quiet mode

Apartment for sale Simeonovo Sofia:

The apartments are designed functionally, spacious living rooms with the right shapes for complete freedom of furnishings and plenty of natural light. The apartments on the ground floor have their own courtyards surrounded by high hedges.

There is still availability of  1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments €1300/m2 (Includes installation of the heating and cooling system!).

Floor Plans & Pricing

Floor 3View