Why Luxury Property is Your Best Option as A Landlord in Sofia

We’ve been in the property business in Sofia since 2005. Our expert market knowledge allows us to find the correct tenants to minimise costly vacant periods and maximising your income.

We will arrange everything from marketing your property and sourcing reliable tenants, through to drawing up contracts, property management, rent collections and rent reviews allowing you total peace of mind and reliable rental income for as long you are in the lettings market.

Our team speak fluent Bulgarian, English, Italian and Spanish so you will not run into the communication issues that you do with local letting agents.

In addition, our Bulgaria Relocation Services team receive many new enquiries from discerning international clients that wish to move to Sofia every week.

Why use Luxury Property to Rent your Property in Sofia?

  • • Our service and management is the best in Sofia
  • • We use digital marketing to attract the right type of renters
  • • We specialise in luxury properties in Sofia in the best areas
  • • We undertake individual marketing for your property
  • • We have expert local knowledge and experence
  • • We use the latest technology such as Virtual Viewings

Every Type of Property Let in the Best Areas

We handle houses, apartments, and new builds. Every day we work with a variety of clients from single property landlords to multi-property investors.

We understand all factors that contribute to a property’s rental value, not just the obvious ones like location, size and number of rooms. Our market appraisals are based on hard data and in-depth local research, and our agents are up to date on the ever-changing local environment, such as movements in people and businesses that will influence the rental value of your property.

All of our agents have lived and worked in Sofia for years, becoming experts in what is happening street by street

Bespoke Digital Marketing to Achieve Maximum Exposure

Our highly skilled Marketing team at our Churi Vruh Headquarters manages an on-going digital campaign to continually promote your property through social media campaigns, search marketing and on-line portals

We market many properties a year, but we tailor our marketing to suit each one individually. We have our own  photographers and graphic designers to make sure that your property looks its best. We advertise widely, through the the most popular websites in Bulgaria, not to mention our own social media and website.

We carefully select the right channels to rent your property in Sofia. Our skill is knowing who and where the best renters are and how best to find them.

Website Optimized For Search

All of our clients use the internet as their preferred method of searching for a property to rent in Sofia, so our website is optimised for this purpose. In fact, our sister company optimizedwebbulgaria.com is a specialized SEO business in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our website is available in English and Bulgarian, so potential Bulgarian and international tenants can find and view your property wherever they are and whenever they want, from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We will take great care to ensure the property description thoughtfully captures the essence of your property. Clear floor plans will show its layout and professional photography will display its features at their very best.

Property buyers can search for properties by area, number of bedrooms and by the features they want such as ‘roof terrace’ or ‘leisure facilities’. The visitors can save the results and can receive alerts when properties that match what they are looking for come on to the market.

Real Estate Digital Advertising

Advertising in the property sections of online newspapers in Bulgaria will attract buyers from the local market and we can promote your property in relevant local, regional and national titles.

Property Social Media Marketing

We make full use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We track what’s being ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ to keep in touch with current tastes and key trends in the market.

  • We run regular advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as making daily posts
  • All our properties have videos loaded on YouTube
  • We construct weekly informational articles on Sofia that are posted to our LinkedIn page

Virtual Property Viewing

In addition to the classic viewing appointment, Luxury Property offers homeowners the opportunity to market their property by means of virtual property viewings.

For local renters, a virtual property viewing can be used as a complementary measure to traditional marketing. Allowing the buyer to screen which properties they actually physically visit

For international renters, virtual property viewing can completely replace on-site visits. This is perfect for renters who want to organize their rental property before they arrive.

Your property only needs to be scanned once by our agents. This data is then used to create a digital image in which visitors can move around freely.

We Provide Appropriate Advice to Landlords in Sofia

Every property is different, so our guidance for any two clients is never the same.

However, here are some points to consider when renting your property in Sofia:

Furnished or unfurnished? – Normally smaller properties should be offered furnished, while large properties, or those let for a longer period of time, should be unfurnished.

Presentation is everything. Make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned throughout, and carpets are in good condition or have been replaced.

Have a neutral look – Tenants are often attracted by a neutral and modern interior finish, so try to cater to the contemporary tastes of today’s tenants. Uncomplicated furnishings will make a lettings property look more spacious as well.

Property unoccupied? – During marketing, make sure that the property looks its best for viewing, making sure that your property is warm and well lit.

When to launch? – In the case of family houses, the ideal time to launch is from spring to early summer, because many families wish to be settled before the new school year in September.

Your objective – Let us know what type of tenant that you are looking for. E.g., one without children or pets for instance. You may want a tenant who will offer you the highest rent or one that will look after your property the best.

For further advice on letting your property, contact one of our residential lettings experts, or complete this form and they can get in touch with you.